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Civilization began & developed around river banks. Things were manageable at those times as people lived in harmony with nature. Industrialization changed everything. At the end of the 19th century the industrial revolution saw the rise of the world of consumers. Concentrated population packets developed at and around industrial area. Rapid Urbanization process posed many challenges before planning authorities. Government, local administration tried & is trying their level best to provide all basic amenities to this population.

While doing so, one difficult challenge before administration is to manage waste generated by this large population. Solid waste generation is a continually growing problem at global, regional and local levels. Solid wastes are those organic and inorganic waste materials produced by various activities of the society, which have lost their value to the first user. Improper disposal of solid wastes pollutes all the vital components of the living environment (i.e., air, land and water) at local and global levels. The problem is more acute in developing nations than in developed nations, as their economic growth as well as urbanization is more rapid.

Municipal solid waste can be used to generate energy. Several technologies have been developed that make the processing of MSW for energy generation cleaner and more economical than ever before, including landfill gas capture, combustion, pyrolysisgasification, and plasma arc gasification. While older waste incineration plants emitted high levels of pollutants, recent regulatory changes and new technologies have significantly reduced this concern.

There has been a significant increase in MSW (municipal solid waste) generation in India in the last few decades. This is largely because of rapid population growth and economic development in the country. Due to rapid growth of urban population, as well as constraint in resources, the management of solid waste poses a difficult and complex problem for the society and its improper

Problems faced by MSW industry:

Today environmental issues like municipal solid waste, industrial waste and water waste are major concern that has reached alarming proportions requiring management initiatives on a war-footing. To improve and overcome the present scenario the basic essential services to be provided by respected authorities in India needs adequate involvement of citizens, NGO’s and private partners to help manage the present and forth coming environmental issue.

Over 50 Million Tones Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated per annum in Indian cities. Open dumping a common practice, no scientific closure of landfills – public health menace, GHG emissions has been a facing issue.

Not much have been done to over the epic problem of environmental related issues like managing household waste, water waste, industrial waste, medical waste, electronic waste etc., It is the responsibility of citizens to address the current environmental issues, but much has been questioned on knowledge and awareness of citizens on the current issues.

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